What is youVCV?

YourVCV is a video CV website which allows the user to upload a video curriculum vitae in order to promote the users skills, experience and relevant information in order to find the correct career path.

How will yourVCV help me?

YourVCV can help you by giving you the freedom to perfect your first experience with potential new employers, promote the skills that are not shown in a stressful interview and open doors to a vast number of opportunities.

Research has shown that a high number of future employers would prefer to have a ‘quick first glance’ at who they are calling in for a traditional interview. YourVCV gives you this chance to show off your skills minus the stress.

How does yourVCV work?

YourVCV is a quick and easy to use website. After registering a user can then upload a professional video outlining a little about themselves, the skills and experience they posses and what they are looking to get out of YourVCV.

How can potential employers contact me?

Once registered each member will get a unique membership number. Employers will use this number to highlight potential candidates for the role, and we will then pass the details over to the employer. All information is protected in accordance with the data protection act 1988.

No personal details will be given without consent or to third parties.

How much does it cost to use YourVCV?

Nothing. YourVCV is a free to use service available to all users.

Can I use YourVCV from outside the UK?

Yes, you will be able to access the website, and upload videos, however job opportunities will be primarily in the UK at present, so it will be up to you to make sure you have the correct UK working permits and visas.

What details should I say in my video?

YourVCV recommend that users put forward personal skills, experience and relevant information in regards to the opportunities they are looking for.

YourVCV recommend you DO NOT include any personal information such as, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc.

How long should my video be?

YourVCV recommends videos should be approximately 90 seconds.

If I have any questions or issues what do I do?

For any questions or problems which may arise please contact: enquiries@yourvcv.com