About Us

YourVCV is an unconventional upgrade on a traditional CV. No matter how much you write on your CV it doesn’t let you express yourself, your personality or your character. At YourVCV we give you the chance to have a Video CV giving you the opportunity to show off skills that are not possible to get across on a piece of paper therefore letting you express yourself with the skills that really count. 

Employers want to see how you communicate interact and express yourself, how confident you are and your professionalism. Why waste time and effort on going through countless CVs trying to find a perfect match only to be left disappoint with a candidate that has a very impressive CV but is not right for the role. It is a lot easier to go onto YourVCV.com and select the ideal candidates with the most suitable skills requited for the role.

YourVCV is not limited to candidates looking for employment but also a great way for employers looking for the right employees. It is an exceptional platform for an employer to upload  ‘current vacancies’ for potential employees to look through and apply to.

We hope you find YourVCV a wonderful experience on your journey to the career of your choice.